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The Švyturys Brewery (Lithuanian for Lighthouse) is the second oldest brewery located in KlaipėdaLithuania. It was founded in 1784 by the Reincke family of merchant seamen.  Having gone through generations of war and occupation, Švyturys remains committed to premium quality and has dozens of awards to prove that.


Since 1665 GUBERNIJA had offered beer of the highest quality – according to a classic recipes They do their best in keeping up with the old traditions of brewery, naturalness and authenticity in selecting the finest quality ingredients while remaining state of the art in their production. The high quality primary products from their time-tested suppliers are used for brewery. Their employees are experienced and qualified. The brewery from the old times was famous for a high quality of its beer, the experience of the brewers and manufacture traditions. The exhibition awards from the beginning of 20th century as well as the international awards of today serve as a testament to their quality



Our portfolio of fine beer is constantly growing.  All are award winning brews with many years of production and refinement behind them.  For distributors, we offer POS  support as well as recyclable one way kegs.



Original Czech beer.  Well bodied, smooth with the perfect amount of head.  It's what you expect from a Czech beer.  Along with Ceska Koruna and Zlata Praha, these beers do not disappoint.


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