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Desert in Dark

Fine Wines

Since 2002, B&I Overseas Trading has been supplying both the food and beverage markets with the finest quality eastern European products available. We are constantly sourcing new and exciting brands as we continue to expand our offerings. From Specialty Wine and beer to Artisnal Spirits. we make sure we always have enough of everything to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. Contact us for further information.

Wines and Meads

Nothing conveys the warmth of friend or family gatherings like a fine meal and a good bottle of wine.  Through the ages wine has been a major constant of civilized society.  We offer wine from countries such as Georgia, Moldova, and Lithuania.  


Lithuanian Fruit Wines

In Lithuania, fruit wines are an integral part of entertaining.  They go great with all kinds of dishes. From appetizer through dessert, fruit wines perfectly reflect the cordial atmosphere of am evening among close family and friends.  



Wine Meads and Mead Nectars have become the newest best kept secret.  Made from honey, blossoms and other natural ingredients, mead which dates back over 9000 years is among the oldest and written about beverages in the world.

Wines from Georgia...

Wines from the Republic of Georgia are known for their full body and rich flavor.  Georgian viticulture dates back over eight thousand years making the region the historical seat of wine making.  The perfect combination of climate, soil. and moist air from the Black Sea make Georgian wines a true unexpected jewel in the world of wines.

This world has so many regions of wine that are virtually unknown to most people in the US.  We are constantly on the prowl for new and unique wines from all corners of the earth.  Come join us in our discoveries!

Wine Cheers
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