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Since our establishment in 2002, we have made it our mission to introduce the US market to a wide range of exciting beverages from central and eastern Europe. Our extensive network of contacts in these regions allows us to discover unique beverages that are not readily available in the US.

Our extensive selection process is based on quality, taste, and appeal to American consumers.

Over the years, we have successfully introduced a multitude of brands to the US market, ranging from traditional favorites to new specialty products. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of beverages, such as beers, wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks. Each brand has its own story and unique selling point, which we use to create compelling marketing campaigns that resonate with our customers.

Speciality Spirits

We offer an extensive selection of intriguing beverages,  ranging from traditional bitters and liqueurs to the latest trendy drinks. We take great pride in our commitment to using natural ingredients in our products, and many of our items are certified Kosher or USDA Certified Organic. Our offerings are carefully curated to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

Classic Brands

The Herbal Remedy

Krupnikas is an aged beverage made from natural honey and an herbal infusion, matured in oak barrels. The aroma of this golden liqueur is reminiscent of Lithuania's forests and grasslands, with a sweet yet perfectly bitter taste.

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Top Shelf

Only the Best

Providing products that not only please the palate but provide an impressive display on the back bar is one of the many things you can be sure of when you carry our products. 

Lithuanian Gold Vodka provides top shelf quality and top shelf presentation.

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